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Middle School

At the School of St. Mary, students transition to middle school beginning in 6th grade. Assigned to various homerooms, they “travel” to departmentalized classes as in a typical middle school model.  
Middle School classes at SOSM encourage students to reach their greatest potential. They learn to apply all the skills they have learned up to this point and are advancing those skills to prepare them for high school and beyond. They work and learn more independently while being guided and supported by the dedicated SOSM faculty. SOSM believes in educating the whole child, body, mind, and soul, extending throughout all our classes and curricula.

Middle School Students:

  • Become more independent, building higher order thinking skills
  • Grow in faith
  • See themselves as part of a greater community
  • Cultivate their gifts and talents

An Opportunity to lead

Middle school students are the leaders of the Upper Grade Center campus. While they face a challenging and enriching classroom experience, they also get to be an example to their younger peers on what it means to be a Crusader and a Servant Leader. In addition to specials like gym, art, and music, middle school students have the opportunity to compete in interscholastic sports, special interest clubs, and other extracurricular activities that create a fun and well-rounded educational experience. SOSM students attend Mass weekly, and each grade alternates leading the Mass, providing an opportunity to practice leadership and public speaking while gaining a deeper appreciation for the Mass. 

Key Features of the Middle School Program

Community is a major component of Catholic education. Families work in conjunction with the school and teachers in order to further the development and growing independence of each student. While academics play a central role in the Catholic education experience, we establish and reinforce a sense of community in the following ways: 
  • Strong home-school connection:  Teachers maintain contact with parents through Google Classroom, the principal’s newsletter, emails, phone calls, and parenting resources. 
  • Small class sizes: SOSM offers a minimum of two classrooms per grade with a maximum of 23 students per room but focuses on 18 students in rooms delivering core discipline instruction. Classrooms have certified teachers and shared support to promote differentiated learning and ensure meeting each student’s needs.  
  • Uniforms: Students wear prescribed uniforms as a standard dress code.
  • Religion: Students attend weekly Mass at the Church of St. Mary and continue formal sacramental preparation, culminating in Confirmation. We celebrate Confirmation with the parish community.
  • Student participation and planning leadership: Students take on a deeper role in organizing events for the school and community.
  • Balanced technology: Teachers incorporate technology as a tool for reinforcing concepts when it enriches learning. Chromebooks are issued to all middle school students on a 1:1 basis and travel between home and school.
  • Athletics & Clubs: SOSM strengthens the community and encourages leadership skills through diverse athletic teams, music groups, and various clubs.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Learn more about Middle School at the School of St. Mary at an upcoming information session: