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August 30, 2018

SoSM Families-
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We wanted to take a moment to welcome back old friends and
introduce ourselves to new families we look forward to meeting.

Parents’ Association had another successful year hitting our critical $330,000 mark. As a result of excess
funds from the inaugural campaign, PA purchased PGC projectors, staff laptops, team building staff
shirts and CogAT testing thanks to the generosity of our parents and community donors. Additionally,
we had one of the strongest CrusaderWear and Used Uniform sales on record, both of which also
benefit the Annual Fund. As you have heard many times before, but bears repeating, the school relies
on $330,000 from parent donations ($210,000 operating expenses, $40,000 tuition, $80,000 teacher
stipends). Parents’ Association continues our transparent approach by setting a straightforward
2018-2019 Annual Fund goal. Specifically, our 2018-2019 goal is to raise $330,000 with 100%
participation . Be sure to checkout the new electronic donation page on the Parish website which
includes real time Annual Fund updates.

Our real success, however, is not measured in dollars, but in the fun community building events uniting
our school. This year, we are excited to celebrate Back to School with an exciting weekend of events.
The Fall Fun Fair, Friday, September 7, 4-6pm at the PGC , is reimagined for 2018 with expanded fun and
games for the kids. Following the success of the Centennial Block Party, please join us for the 2nd
Annual St. Mary Block Party on Saturday, September 8th following 5pm mass at the UGC. This is a 21
and over event filled with delicious food, dancing and fun camaraderie. All proceeds from the event
supports the 2018-2019 Annual Fund. Additionally, we look forward to a spring event in 2019. In the
interim, watch your inboxes for invitations for grade level gatherings. We look forward to multiple
opportunities throughout the school year to come together, get to know one another and strengthen
our Crusader bond.

Attached is the “PA 101” handbook including greater explanation of the three pillars of PA - Community
Building, Fundraising and Volunteering - as well as we hope to achieve the PA goals. Should you have
any questions or are interested in getting more involved, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to making many memories together.

Ali Chekouras,                               John & Rose Hancir,
President                                       Vice Presidents             
847.204.2516                                847.337.8282 or 815.382.1412    

Parents' Association Year End Summary 2016-2017.

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