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Athletic Department OverviewSt. Mary's Physical Education

The St. Mary’s athletic program is committed and dedicated to the development of the unique gifts of each child: physical abilities, emotional well-being and attitude towards others.  The program is designed to provide students of all skill levels with an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and help instill in each student a sense of teamwork.  Cuts from teams will not be made.

  • Students will show respect for all opponents, officials, teammates, coaches, parents, etc.
  • Students will support and encourage teammates and work hard with a commitment to participation and enhancement of skills.
  • Coaches will be an example for all by being a supportive leader who can provide constructive criticism and guidance, show patience and impartiality.  They will continue to become better coaches by attending clinics, etc.
  • Parents will be supportive of children, coaches and the athletic program as a whole.  Their behavior will be an example for others and help empower coaches to lead their teams.
  • Parents and children will know that there will be consequences for undesirable actions and behaviors.

* At the beginning of each season, a mandatory meeting is held for parents and student-athletes who participate in the athletic program.  These meetings will address objectives, team expectations and answer any questions posed by the players or their parents.