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Physical Education

The St. Mary’s athletic program is committed and dedicated to the development of the unique gifts of each child: physical abilities, emotional well-being, and attitude toward others.  The program is designed to provide students of all skill levels with an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and help instill in each student a sense of teamwork. We celebrate participation and adhere to a no-cut policy.

Students will have PE twice a week.  The goal of Physical Education at the School of St. Mary is: 
  • Promote lifelong physical activity
  • Teach the importance of personal wellness
  • Allow students to have maximum physical activity in class
  • Cooperative learning
  • Give students confidence in physical activity settings

Physical Education at the PGC

Students should be prepared on the days that they have PE. PGC students will need to have gym shoes.

Physical Education at the UGC

Students at the Upper Grade Center will change into a gym uniform for all PE classes. They should be prepared with their uniform and gym shoes for each class.

SOSM Athletic Guidelines

  • Students will show respect for all opponents, officials, teammates, coaches, parents, etc. 
  • Students will support and encourage teammates and work hard with a commitment to participation and enhancement of skills.
  • Coaches will be an example for all by being a supportive leader who can provide constructive criticism and guidance, and show patience and impartiality. They will continue to become better coaches by attending clinics, etc.
  • Parents will be supportive of children, coaches, and the athletic program as a whole. Their behavior will be an example for others and help empower coaches to lead their teams.
  • Parents and children will know that there will be consequences for undesirable actions and behaviors.
For sports teams and after-school sports programs, please see the Athletics page.


Mr. Jimmy Knotek