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Intermediate Elementary

Students transition to Intermediate Elementary School, beginning with their promotion to the Upper Grade Center (UGC) in 4th Grade. Intermediate Elementary encompasses 4th and 5th Grade students. In these grades, the students remain in self-contained classrooms and move as a class to specials. The day is organized into 9 periods, and students are expected to move to their specials independently. Lunch and recess are held together. Expanded opportunities for clubs, sports, and music are available for 4th and 5th graders (see Student Activities). 
Teachers continue to emphasize whole child development. Integrating academics with spiritual formation, social and emotional learning, and executive functioning skills while inspiring confidence, independence, and leadership. They offer challenging, developmentally appropriate instruction and utilize technology to support, not dictate, learning in the classroom. 
There are growing expectations to encourage independence: study skills, executive functioning, and responsibility for one's actions. There is the same structure, behavior expectations, discipline, and nurturing response as PGC, but students are more aware and accountable for their actions with the introduction of "Fumble Strips."

Upcoming Information Sessions

Learn More about Intermediate Elementary at the School of St. Mary at an upcoming Information session: