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Early Elementary

Early elementary at the School of St. Mary (SOSM) provides structured, traditional, elementary education focused on developing the whole child. SOSM evolves to meet the changing learning needs from generation to generation.
SOSM teachers provide instruction in a formal classroom setting, with individual desks, a schedule for each domain subject area, and assigned work. Schedules include routine assignments in reading, language arts, spelling, math, social studies, religion, and science. Units are completed in a one-two week time frame, with relevant assessments. In addition, students enjoy five specials a week: physical education, music, art, library, and Spanish.

Key Features of Early Elementary Program

Community is a major component of Catholic education. Families work in conjunction with the school and teachers on behalf to further the development of each student. While academics play a large role in the Catholic education experience, the sense of community is established and reinforced through many features of SOSM, such as 
  • Strong home-school connection:  Teachers maintain close meetings with parents through Google Classroom, newsletters, emails, phone calls, and parenting resources. As modeled in our early childhood experience, parents form partnerships with teachers through frequent communication as well as formal, quarterly assessments and conferences twice a year. 
  • Small class sizes: SOSM offers a minimum of two classrooms per grade with a maximum of 20 students per room. Classrooms have certified teachers and the support of an assistant to promote differentiated learning and to ensure that each student's needs are met.  
  • Uniforms: Students wear prescribed uniforms as a standard dress code. 
  • Daily religion: Students attend weekly Mass at St. Patrick's Church and continue formal sacramental preparation. 
  • Balanced technology: Teachers incorporate technology as a tool for reinforcing concepts when it enriches learning. While iPads and laptops are available during school hours, we do not implement a 1:1 device policy as a primary learning method.