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Mission Statement

The School of St. Mary is committed to the development of the unique gifts of each child - spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional. In a supportive atmosphere, students are challenged to academic excellence and are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary for future success. In an atmosphere that deepens Christian values, students experience prayer and worship and are encouraged to make responsible decisions for themselves and to cooperate with and care for others. Faith development, self-awareness, academic achievement, and community responsibility are emphasized in order to prepare the children to be contributing Christian citizens in the society of the future. The mission is accomplished in a partnership of cooperative parents, supportive parishioners, and qualified faculty.
The School of St. Mary provides excellent Catholic education in a positive, Christian environment where each student is challenged to grow not only in basic skills but also in critical thinking and decision making. The development of positive human relationships and service to others are integral to the learning experience. All students are encouraged to develop their God-given gifts to their fullest potential.

This philosophy is rooted in the following beliefs:

Catholic Identity is facilitated by providing students with 
     • Optimum conditions for understanding the Gospel message as well as the Sacraments 
     • Continual opportunities to reflect on and practice the Christian message
     • Varied, meaningful opportunities for prayer, worship, and Christian service
Academic Excellence is facilitated by providing students with 
    • An enthusiastic faculty and staff, dedicated to state-of-the-art Catholic education
    • Daily challenges to take ownership for their learning goals 
    • A variety of student-centered instructional and assessment strategies
Christian Community is encouraged by providing students with 
    • Faculty who model caring, Christian teaching, and mentoring 
    • An ongoing examination of values encouraging service and leadership activities 
    • Reflection and goal-setting opportunities to further a positive, caring environment