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September 2020      St. Mary's Message from the Pastor

Dear School Families, Faculty and Staff,

            Hello!   We are embarking on a very special, a very exciting and a potentially critical
time for the School of St. Mary’s families. Together, in communion, we will be led by God and
the Holy Spirit throughout this academic year.

I am asking you this day to share with everyone you can that School of Mary has the “Big
. Please share, communicate, text and use social media that every child, teacher, administrator
and priest at the Church of St. Mary has the “Big C”.

I hope and pray that you know that the “BIG C” I am referring to is nothing other than
Christ. We know Christ. We love Christ. We honor Christ. We serve Christ and we share Christ
in communion with one another.

This start of the new school year with new protocols and new processes for faculty,
students and families is filled with challenges for all. It is also filled with incredible opportunities
for each and every one of us at the same time.

The theme of the Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) of the Archdiocese of Chicago
(AOC) is, “We Are Called…”. The following prayer was shared on a recent ZOOM meeting
hosted by the OCS:

We are called to be disciples who teach our students with prayer, service and generosity.

We are called to be stewards of wisdom who model acts of kindness and hope in our

We are called to be advocates of radical hospitality, inviting students, teachers, staff and
families into our schools and into our hearts.

We are called to be beacons of hope for those in our school communities who feel
helpless, lost and alone. May we provide comfort, guidance and hope to everyone who may need
support of any kind.

We are called to be models of gratitude. May God who blesses us give us abundant rest
for the heart, power for virtue, wisdom for life and patience in trials.

We are called to be inspirers of joy in renewal. We pray that the God of renewal may lead
us forward in joy to enter into Christ’s love in trust, openness and faith.

We are called to love, serve and know God. AMEN

            This school year, just like every new school year, holds great promise as well as
unknown challenge. I am confident that when we pray in community, work together, sacrifice
when needed and cooperate where beneficial, the year of promise will unfold for the Crusader
community at the School of St. Mary, for “we are called” and we are always led and guided by
God’s grace.
            You have been and will remain in my prayers. I ask that you remember me in your
            I encourage you to reach out to me or to Fr. Radley Alcantara if you have any questions
or if we can be of help or support to you and to your family! 

God bless the school community of St. Mary with deep faith and unwavering hope in the
new school year.







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