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One of the many blessings of attending the School of St. Mary is minimal drama over attire in the morning for both boys and girls.

School Uniform Guidelines

Students are required to wear the designated school uniforms as described in the guidelines below. Please click on each campus below to review the uniform guidelines.

Non-uniform Sweaters or Sweatshirts 
Only SOSM logoed sweaters and fleece may be worn with the school uniform. 8th-grade students may wear their class hooded sweatshirt with their uniform on non-mass days. No sweatshirts will be worn to Mass. Teachers will ask students to remove sweaters or sweatshirts which do not adhere to the guidelines. You may purchase logoed fleece and sweaters from Lands' End or through December 3rd at Kiddles. 

Students may wear hooded sweatshirts on Casual Days and Crusader Wear Days. 

Purchasing School Uniforms

Families may purchase uniforms online at Lands' End. The school code is 900129859. See the Lands' End Getting Started Guide to be walked through the steps. 


PE Uniforms for UGC

Students in grades 4-8 will need to purchase a PE uniform. The UGC Physical Education uniform is sold at Kiddles, which is located in downtown Lake Forest. 

Please contact Lee Shlifka from Kiddles at (847) 234-0025 or lee@kiddlessports.comwith any questions or to place an order.

If you would like to purchase used uniforms, please contact Mrs. Kelly Guerrero via text at (847) 650-6492 or


Special Dress Days

Occasionally, SOSM allows casual days with spiritwear. Spiritwear or Crusader Wear is tee shirts and sweatshirts with School of St. Mary logos and colors. To purchase School of St. Mary spirit wear, please contact Mrs. Carlotta Plotner at or by cell at (224) 688-8427.  Parents Association will hold several online sales of spiritwear throughout the year. 

Birthday Casual Dress Day

On the student's birthday, they may dress in casual clothes on that day. If their birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, they may celebrate on the preceding Monday or Friday. Students whose birthday falls in the summer may celebrate on their half-birthday. 

Dress Code Guidelines for 8th Grade

School of St. Mary eighth-graders attend several celebratory and special functions throughout their eighth-grade year. Students may find attire guidelines for Confirmation, May Crowning, Dinner, Dance, & Graduation here.

One final note about uniforms:  All students must tuck in their shirts and wear belts with pants and shorts.  We ask parents to support the uniform standards as uniforms contribute to a productive learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Attire

Gym shoes are perfectly acceptable for both boys and girls.  Please do not select shoes for school that draw attention.  For example, no flashing lights, noisemakers, Uggs, fashion statement shoes, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, or sandals.

 Yes!  But most choose to wear skirts and jumpers.

No.  Shorts are allowed from August through October 15th, then again from April 15th - the end of school.

All students must respect the requirement that shorts and skirts must not go above 2 inches above the knee.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we strive to minimize contagion and provide a clean environment.  Therefore, please send every student to school in a freshly washed outfit.  That being said, we recommend, depending on how often you prefer to launder clothes, 3-4 outfits to get through the week.  For younger children (kindergarten and 1st grade), we suggest having an older uniform available for a quick change if necessary.

When students are outdoors, they may wear any coat, sweatshirt, sweater, etc., but once they resume class indoors, students must layer with specified uniform compliant sweaters and fleeces (available at Lands End) or spirit wear sweatshirts.

Girls at the PGC must wear knee socks as described in the uniform. Girls at the PGC may wear socks that cover their ankles. All students must wear socks that cover their ankles.

We request that girls wear biker shorts underneath skirts and jumpers.