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Extracurricular Activities at the School of St. Mary


The School of Saint Mary believes in educating the whole child, and that happens both inside and outside the classroom. Extracurricular activities allow students to further their education and focus on their non-academic interests, helping to create well-rounded individuals. SOSM offers a variety of activities and clubs for all students. Please be sure to follow all links as many of the programs require registration with outside organizations. 

Families must pay for activities prior to student attendance unless otherwise stated. Families must be current with their tuition and fee payments in order to register for extracurricular activities.  

Fine Arts at the School of St. Mary



Music Education Services will provide the Band Program at the School of St. Mary. No experience is necessary. Parents can find a schedule of when band lessons are here.
Grades: 4th grade and older
Program cost: dependent on instrument and level; see registration website
Meeting day/time: Schedule
Registration: Registration opens August 17, 2021, the deadline to register is Monday, September 13.
To register: 
  1. Have your child visit the website: School Code: 45420
  2. Have them watch the instrument demonstration videos.
  3. Choose their instrument and register for the band. 

Contact: Kyle Anderson,


Children will sing in unison and two-part harmony and will learn to follow a conductor. They will perform within the school and community (senior citizen’s luncheon, Christmas performances, school and parish liturgies, etc.).
PGC Choir
Grades: 2nd and 3rd grade
Program cost: none
Meeting day/time: Mondays when school is in session from 8:05-8:45 a.m. at IMC
Registration: contact Ms. Jeon
Contact: Ms. Jeon
School of St. Mary Children's Choir (UGC Choir)
Grades: 4th - 8th
Program costs: none
Meeting day/time: Tuesday mornings 8:00 a.m.-8:40 p.m. UGC Music Room
Registration: complete the registration form 
Contact: Mr. Manges

Athletics at the School of St. Mary

The School of Saint Mary offers several different athletic opportunities for our students throughout the school year. For interscholastic sports, we are part of the Council IIA League. You can find all our athletic offerings on the Athletics Page

Clubs at the School of St. Mary


Chess-Ed continues providing this unique, exciting, and dynamic chess instruction which lifts each student to a new level of expertise. Each week, students will enjoy an engaging lesson with supervised time to play with classmates. Students will grow their knowledge of the game - from the basics through opening theory, middle game tactics, and end game combinations. Students' vocabulary and math skills will continue to advance. Studies confirm that the student who plays chess does better academically. Playing chess increases IQ performance, improves memory, uses analytical and critical thinking skills, teaches problem-solving, responsibility, sportsmanship, social skills, and more. The chess program is open to all students in all grades and of all playing levels.
Grades: K-8
Program Cost: $250 - $295 (see below)
Meeting day/time: 2 sessions will be offered for the 2021-2022 school year. 
Mondays 7:50 a.m. UGC 4-8 grades (Session #1 13-classes $250, Session #2 14-classes $268)
          Tuesdays 7:50 a.m. PGC 2-3 grades (Session #1 13-classes $250, Session #2 16-classes $295)
          Wednesdays 7:50 a.m. PGC K-1 grades (Session #1 13-classes $250, Session #2 16-classes $295)
Registration: Due September 8 at
Contact: include your school name in the subject line or Alice Holt (Chess-Ed) directly at
Parent Documents: Schedule, Flyer

SOSM Newspaper Club

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are invited to become part of a news team that will cover a variety of events happening at the School of St. Mary. Club members will gather every week to discuss and assign possible stories and events to cover; education, sports, art, people, etc. write and edit each other’s work, layout and publish a school paper.
Grades: 6-8
Program Costs:Session 1 - $120 (for supplies and snacks)
      Session 2- $140
      Session 3 - $160
      Session 4 - $140
Meeting Day/Time: Every Monday after school from 3:45 - 5:00 p.m. in Mrs. Hogan’s or Mrs. Tazioli’s classrooms. 4 sessions are available. Join 1 session or all 4! 
Session 1: September 13, 20, 27, October 4, 18, 25
Session 2 - November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, December 6, 13
Session 3: January 10, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 28, March 7, 14
Session 4: April 4, 11, 25 May 2, 9, 16, 23
Registration: Complete this form (need to confirm) by September 13 for session one. 
Contact: Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Tazioli

PGC Friendship Bracelet Making Club

Come socialize with friends while learning how to make different types of friendship bracelets. Each week we will learn a different style of bracelet that you will be able to take home and practice on.  
Grades: 1-3. The maximum number of students is 10
Program Costs: $75 - all supplies are included
Meeting Day/Time: 6 weeks - Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. October 13 - November 17, 2021
Note: that the week of October 20th the club will meet on Tuesday the 19th. 
Registration: Please complete this form by October 8, 2021.
Contact: Mrs. Thomas

Honor societies recognize students who achieve exemplary marks and dedication to their education. Please follow the links below to learn more information on them and how students qualify. 

National Junior Honors Society


Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to promote service, leadership, and Christian leaders. Elections are held in May for students to serve on the Student Council Board for the following year. 8th graders serve on the Student Council Board. Students elected as Ambassadors and to Board positions for 7th grade will then assume 8th grade Student Council positions. Fourth through eighth-grade homeroom representatives are elected during the 1st quarter and serve as representatives for the remaining year. New classroom representatives are chosen each year.
Board positions: 8th grade
Ambassadors: 7th grade
Homeroom Representatives: 4th through 8th grade
Program Cost: none
Meeting day/time:
Registration: By election only
Contact: Ms. Stride, Ms. Baniewicz
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