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Read Issue 4, Trimester Three, 2024


Featured Stories

  • May Crowning - Gabby S. & Aleena P. 
  • 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip - Jeffrey C. 
  • 8th Grade Musical - Diane C. & Morgan W. 
  • Confirmation - William M. & Joey B. 
  • Living Stations - Maxton F. & William M. 
  • Synagogue Trip - Morgan W. & Diane C. 
  • Talent Show Photo Story
  • Senior Luncheon - Joey B. 
  • Pep Rally - Diane C. & Morgan W. 
  • Solar Eclipse - Alex C. 
  • Pen Pal Picnic - Morgan W. & Diane C. 
  • Saints & Scholars Honors Night Award List
  • Fun & Games
  • When I Got Out, Poem by Anthony R. 

Read Issue 3, Trimester Two, 2024


Featured Stories:

  • Someone You Should Know - Mr. Stewart by Joey B. and William M. 
  • Catholic Schools Week Door Decorating by Diane C. and Morgan W. 
  • CSW Spelling Bee by William M. 
  • CSW Religion Bee by Katherine P.
  • CSW Geography Bee by Jeffery C.  
  • 8th Grade Boys Basketball by Jeffery C., Aleena P., and Joey B. 
  • 8th GRade vs. Faculty Volleyball Game by Jeffery C., Aleena P., and Joey B. 
  • Career Day by Ava L. 
  • 6th Grade Girls Basketball by Morgan W. and Diane C. 
  • Feed My Starving Children Field Trip by Andrew F. 
  • Ms. Franco Interview by Ava L. 
  • Meet our New Spanish Teacher - Ms. Perdomo, by Katherine P. 
  • Plus St. Patrick's Day fun nd games!

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Featured stories: 

  • Door Decorating, by Will J. 
  • Christmas Craft, by Diane C. 
  • Mall Cop Movie Review, by Will J.
  • Scrambled Christmas Words Puzzle, by Diane C. 
  • Sugar Cookie Recipe, by Andrew F. 
  • Saint Mary Choir Sings for the Guild, by Morgan W. 
  • Match the teacher with their favorite Christmas Carol
  • Solve a math problem and win a $10 gift card!
  • Plus three pages of fun and games! 

Read Issue One, Trimester One, 2023


Featured Stories:

  • Mr. Dolan Interview, by Donnaca M.
  • Pep Rally & Homecoming, by Alex C. and Andrew F. 
  • Celebrating our Faith, by Will J. 
  • Ms. Mo & Mrs. Swanson Interview, by Andrew F. 
  • 5th/6th Grade Girls Volleyball, by Diane C. 
  • SEL this Year, by Will J. and Emerson T.
  • Halloween Parties at SOSM, by Ava L. 
  • Mrs. Antrim Interview, by Ava L. 
  • 8th Grade Service Project at Bernie's Book Bank, by William M. and Joey B. 
  • 8th Grade Girls Volleyball, by Joey B., William M., and Aleena P. 
  • What's Happening in 8th Grade, by William M. 
  • 8th Grade Chicago Trip, by William M. 
  • Ice Cream Social, by Emerson T. 
  • Plus, Thanksgiving Fun and Games!