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Approved Sweatshirt Sale

With the colder weather moving in, we have opened up an online Kiddles Store for uniform-approved sweatshirts. As a reminder, from the handbook: 

Non-uniform Sweaters or Sweatshirts 
Only SOSM logoed sweaters and fleece may be worn with the school uniform. 8th-grade students may wear their class hooded sweatshirt with their uniform on non-mass days. No sweatshirts will be worn to Mass. Teachers will ask students to remove sweaters or sweatshirts which do not adhere to the guidelines. You may purchase logoed fleece and sweaters from Lands' End or through December 3rd at Kiddles.

Students may only wear hooded sweatshirts on Casual Days and Crusader Wear Days. 


Deadline to order: December 3, 2023

Go to:
  • Orders will not be processed as they come in.  Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase to receive your goods.
  • If an item becomes unavailable, you’ll be notified, and your credit card will be refunded.