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Early Childhood Overview

The School of St. Mary offers varied Early Childhood programs to build the foundation for lifelong learning. All Early Childhood classes meet at the Primary Grade Center. In addition to highly competent teachers, the Early Childhood classrooms have trained teaching assistants.
Our curriculum features a multi-sensory program tailored to the developmental needs of the children. It emphasizes a rich, stimulating early literacy environment, hands-on discovery activities, gross and fine motor experiences, theme-based learning, social development through play and modeling, as well as music, art, physical education, and Spanish. SOSM focuses on developing the whole child in a loving and caring environment. 


Early Childhood Emphasis 

  • Develop gross and fine motor skills through play, art, music, and centers. 
  • Emphasize verbal communication through listening to and reciting nursery rhymes, musical expression, circle time, and social interaction with teachers and peers.
  • Teach social and emotional learning through peer interaction, teacher modeling, and redirection.
  • Introduce executive functioning skills with routines, consistency, and responsibility for one’s choices and actions.
  • Rely on drawing, writing, and cutting activities as well as social interactions as opposed to technology. 

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Little Angels

(2yr-old Preschool)



(3yr-old Preschool)


Jr. Kindergarten

(4yr-old Preschool)