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Catholic Education is concerned with all aspects of the child's growth and development. It is our goal to prepare the child to live in our contemporary society within the context of a Christian Education. Recognizing that the parents are the first and foremost educators of the child we welcome your helpful suggestions for the improvement of your child's education.

The keys below provide a brief description of your child's progress in school. It deserves your careful attention. Because parent/teacher conferences are an ideal way for the teacher and you to review your child's work, we suggest that the report card be only a supplement to the detailed information discussed at these conferences.

PGC Grading Key

P: Proficient: The student is independently applying and integrating skills taught. Understanding of concepts is usually demonstrated.

G: Growing and Developing: The student is in the process of learning and applying skills taught. Measurable progress and steady growth are being made towards understanding the concept. The student exhibits appropriate grade level skill development.

N: Needs Improvement: The student has not achieved skills, concepts, or classroom expectations. Difficulty applying the skills is evident. More practice is required.

UGC Grading Key

Achievement:                               Effort:
A = 93-100                                   VG = Very Good (4)
B = 85 - 92                                   G = Good (3)
C = 76 - 84                                   S = Satisfactory (2)
D = 70 - 75                                   U = Unsatisfactory (1)
F = Below 70                                 I = Not Graded, Incomplete