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Who should I contact for...

While anyone at the School of St. Mary is happy to answer your questions. Asking the right person may help you find the answers faster.  

Admissions, Re-enrollment, and Extended Day

Mandy Castle 
(847) 295-4830

Billing, Financial Aid, and Parishioner Rate

Cindy Luetje 
(847) 582 - 2505
Monday - Wednesday

Evaluations, IEP's or 504's and Standardized Testing

Janice DiVencenzo 
(847) 295 - 4864

Sacraments and Religious Education Dates

Joy Pacheco 
(847) 582 - 2524

Hot Lunch

(773) 360-8081


PGC Office
(847) 283-9800

UGC Athletics

Athletics Committee

Used Uniforms

Kelly Guerrero

Gym Uniforms

Kiddles - Lee Shfka
(847) 234-0025

Physicals, Concussion Protocol, or Illness

Cindy Pacewicz, RN 
(847) 295 - 4856

New Family Welcome Committee

Brittany Ruef 

Fundraising and Community Events

Parents Association 

Volunteer Requirements

Jessica Twohig 
(847) 295 - 4832
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Summer School

Natalie Agostinelli
Julia Recker

Parent Newsletter, Email, Calendar, and Scheduling of Meetings or Practices

Melissa Haak
(847) 295-2554