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Academics at the School of St. Mary

The School of St. Mary believes in educating the whole child both in and outside the classroom. Our students benefit from a rigorous, differentiated academic curriculum. St. Mary’s offers a strong, well-rounded curriculum, with the Catholic Faith as its cornerstone. The School of St. Mary has always emphasized spiritual development, academic excellence, and service to the community to build competent students and future leaders.
It is our goal to stimulate students to maintain high personal standards, follow cultural pursuits, think critically and creatively, value democratic ideals and processes of our American heritage, develop spiritually, physically, and intellectually, and regard faith formation as well as education as a life-long process. Teachers employ a research-based curriculum, targeted based technology integration, and diverse opportunities while providing a caring and nurturing environment to promote individual academic strengths, build connections, and foster the confidence to take intellectual risks. 
The School of St. Mary recognizes each student’s unique gifts - spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional by 
  • Providing challenging academics for students in a supportive, nurturing environment. 
  • Promoting Catholic values through sacramental preparation, worship, responsible decision-making, and collaboration with the Church of St. Mary. 
  • Partnering with parents, faculty, and parishioners to develop students into leaders and citizens with integrity.

The School of St. Mary meets or exceeds all the curriculum standards of the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools. Click here to read the Archdiocese of Chicago Curriculum Standards