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Our Primary Grade Center, opened in 1997 in a newly constructed facility, accommodates our preschool through third grade students. Our Upper Grade Center, located on the east campus, welcomes our fourth through eighth graders. The parish and school recently invested over $3.5 million to update its classrooms, construct a state-of-the-art library and S.T.E.A.M. lab, as well as create a new special education center.  These improvements reinforce the importance of providing a challenging educational environment for each of our students.
The School of St. Mary's primary emphasis is the spiritual education and development concisely articulated in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A strong, well-rounded curriculum, which is fundamentally based in the teaching of Catholic faith, serves as the cornerstone of the academic program. The School of St. Mary has always emphasized spiritual development as well as academic excellence.

A primary focus of the administration and faculty is the implementation of student-centered learning techniques that focus on the unique development of every child. It is our goal to stimulate students to maintain high personal standards, to follow cultural pursuits, to think critically and creatively, to value the democratic ideals and processes of our American heritage, to develop spiritually, physically, and intellectually, and to regard faith formation and education as a life-long process. We seek to prepare our students to attend any parochial, private, or public high school in the country.

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