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The Roaring into the Twenties Silent Auction is open! Click on the link below to start bidding on your favorite items and spread the word to your family and friends!

You will need to create an account and add a credit card in order to submit bids. Every dollar raised goes towards our kids’ education! So bid well and often - have fun, Crusaders!!!

Looking to purchase a raffle ticket for the gorgeous Therese Crowe Design custom monogram ring?  Tickets are $75 for 1 ticket and $100 for 2 tickets.  Purchasing these are not tax-deductible.  We hope to have tickets available at the Parish Center as well as the UGC (ask for Mary Catherine Nelson).

Your purchase of a Raffle tickets is subject to the Office Rules which are posted here, School of St. Mary website, effective as of the date of purchase and hereby incorporated in full by this reference.  If you disagree with any of the Official Rules, you must return the Raffle ticket within twenty-four hours of its purchase in order to be eligible to receive a refund of the purchase price;  provided, however, that if you do not return the Raffle ticket within such twenty-four hour period, then you acknowledge and agree that:  (i) you have read and understood the Official Rules;  (ii) you agree to all of the Official Rules;  and (iii) you will be irrevocably bound under the Official Rules.  A copy of the Official Rules will be provided via U.S. Mail or electronic message upon written request.
Also attached are the Official Rules that must be posted on our website.

Wine Enthusiast!?!  Check out this impressive selection and place your order to be donated to the Wine Cellar auction item HERE!

Important Info!