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Self-Care Awareness Month- Who cares about the parents? WE DO! 
Being a parent is a thankless and sometimes very stressful job. Being a parent during a Pandemic adds to the stress, creating many nerve-racking and overwhelming moments. As a parent, your focus is always on your family, and you might find it challenging to give that same attention to yourself.
A lack of self-care can create a downward spiral. When you are not caring for yourself, it's tougher to be an empathetic and patient parent. You matter, so it's essential to set aside a little bit of time for self-care, even when you feel like you don't have a single second to devote to yourself. September is Self-Care Awareness Month, and we want to encourage our parent community to take some time to participate in self-care activities every week this month. Below are this week's five self-care suggestions.
1. Carve out Time to Be Alone
Some parents find the only opportunity for solitude in the restroom. It's important to give yourself a few minutes of alone time aside from bathroom breaks. Even if it's just five minutes each day that you set aside to relax by yourself, a little solitude can help you unwind. Whether that means waiting until your child takes a nap or waiting until a friend or family member is watching your child, permit yourself to charge your batteries with a little alone time.
2. Engage Your Senses
It’s hard to be in the moment when life is busy. Engaging your senses is a good way to relax and find a sense of inner peace. Light a scented candle, take a hot bath, listen to soothing sounds, or drink some herbal tea. Engaging one or more of your senses can be a simple but effective way to take a time out from the hustle and bustle.
3. Spend a Little Money on Yourself
You might find it's easy to spend money on your kids while neglecting yourself a bit. However, it's essential to show your kids that you value yourself, too. Permit yourself to spend a little time and money on yourself.
Just buying yourself a new shirt or paying to get a haircut can make you feel good. You might set aside a little bit in the budget each month to spend on yourself, or perhaps you do something nice for yourself once in a while. Either way, it's okay to treat yourself sometimes.
4. Savor Something
If you feel like you're in a rush all the time, there's a good chance you don't ever really get to savor anything. Commit to savoring something and make it a daily habit. Whether you want to savor your first cup of coffee or you decide to savor those moments when you're snuggling with your child, practice being in the moment.
5. Check the To-Do List
It may not seem like doing chores are good ways to take care of yourself. However, checking something off your to-do list that has been bothering you can free up a lot of mental energy. Whether it's scheduling an appointment for yourself or finally cleaning that messy cabinet, consider doing something on your to-do list that will give you a sense of relief and a feeling of accomplishment.
 You might decide to choose one task each day to tackle outside of your regular duties. You might find that getting things done, rather than letting those little things pile up, helps you maintain a sense of calm.
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