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Mission: Read-a-thon

Join us in January for a month to celebrate reading, books, and the reunion with the UGC Library for the HISTORIC world premiere, whole school, SOSM Mission Read-a-thon!

Mission Objective: Read books, raise money, and win prizes!


Mission Dates: January 3 - 31, 2023

Mission Details:

For the month of January, we want students (all ages and grades) to log their reading by minute and by books completed. We will be awarding individual and classroom prizes (see below). Non-fiction reading will be worth twice as much as fiction reading. All reading will count. Younger children can be read to by parents or siblings.

Mission Tasks:

  1. Collect sponsors during the month of December. Attached is a sponsor form to collect donations from friends and family. Sponsors can donate per minute, per book, or give a flat donation. Sponsor forms are due January 4, 2023. 
  2. Read! Reading logs will be collected weekly by homeroom teachers or can be scanned to Mandy Castle
  3. All donations need to be collected by Friday, February 17th.

Bonus Mission: Mission Research 2023

As part of this celebration, SOSM has been issued a new supplemental mission in exploration. Welcome to Mission Research 2023. We will be asked to help identify several entities that present as mysterious occasions; moments in history; new, old, and existing life forms; and other remarkable features of our universe.

Each week, we are tasked with discovering the entity or entities described in clues distributed each day over morning announcements. Crew members who report the correct answer on submitted reading logs on Monday mornings will be awarded an additional ten minutes of reading in weekly totals. Clues will be posted in the UGC library, and students are encouraged to use the library to research the answer. 

Mission Awards: 

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Most Minutes Read
    • Overall - TBA 
    • Grade - Donut breakfast
    • Class - Pizza lunch
  • Most Books Read
    • Overall - TBA
    • Grade - Donut breakfast
    • Class - Pizza lunch
  • Most non-fiction Minutes Read
    • Overall - TBA
    • Grade - Movie
    • Class - Dressdown day
  • Most non-fiction books Read
    • Overall - TBA
    • Grade - Movie
    • Class - Dressdown day
  • Most number of sponsors
    • Overall - Choice of Crusaderwear and a Crusaderwear Day
    • Grade - Lunch and Gym time with Fr. Radley
    • Class - Golden Crusader
  • Most Early Childhood Logs
    • Classroom - Visit from Elmo

There will never be a better opportunity to learn more with reading, serve others by raising money for the Crusader Fund, and lead SOSM with grade level, homeroom, and individual prizes for most work accomplished. It will be fun for the whole family.

Mission Criteria:

AKA the Rules

  • Reading begins at 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.
  • Submissions must be turned in by Wednesday, February 1, 2023, via homeroom teacher or scanned and sent to Mandy Castle by noon February 1, 2023.
  • 1 minute = 1 point; 1 book = 1 point (at assigned reading level)
  • Double the points awarded for non-fiction or informational text - simply enter the number of minutes/pages read; we will judge double points/minutes for the genre. 
  • Suggested, but not required, to submit a weekly reading log on Friday mornings. 
  • The objective is to encourage the love of reading and the value of literacy - we will accept minutes and pages of any format; however, double the points for select informational text or non-fiction.
  • Listening to text read out loud while reading along will be accepted
  • Books assigned in your classes will count!  E.g., accelerated reading, book reports, and in-class novels.
  • iReady reading lessons will count.
  • Validation of minutes AND pages is required by a parent/guardian in the form of a signature; grandparent validation will be accepted.

Mission Supplies