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Upper Grade Center

St. Mary's Upper Grades

Our Catholic-based education provides graduates with the foundation to compete in any challenging,  academic environment. They attend the finest high schools and universities, many earning academic  honors and serving as leaders.

 At the Upper Grade Center, students continue with their general curriculum studies including math,  science, social studies, religion, etc.  Additionally, teachers offer honors literature courses, as well as  advanced mathematics courses depending on grade level. We also provide Latin as a second language up until grade seven and eight. Beginning in grade seven, students may continue with either Spanish or Latin as a language subject.

As our students continue to develop, they are offered additional opportunities through our various clubs and organizations as well. Please click here to view our extracurricular activities. 

Transportation Between Campuses

For families with siblings at both the Primary Grade Center and the Upper Grade Center, students may transfer between the campuses on a shuttle bus.
Please contact Kathleen Trkla in the Admissions Office at 847-295-4830 to learn more about our Upper Grade Center.