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Student Services


The School of St. Mary is committed to providing an inclusive educational setting for our children to the extent possible with the resources available. We are dedicated to serve students with diverse learning needs in a Catholic community of learners. Our department is comprised of a Student Services Coordinator, a full-time Resource Teacher at the Primary Grade Center and one at the UppeRTIr Grade Center.

The Student Services Department is based on the RTI model (Response to Intervention), which is used to identify students who have not been formally receiving special education services.  This data-driven model is currently being implemented in the public schools as best practice in education. To learn more about the RTI model, click the RTI Action Network logo to the right.

Student Services is, first and foremost, dedicated to support students who have already been identified with Learning Disabilities or other special education eligibilities and have an IEP (Individual Education Plan).  The department also creates Individual Catholic Education Plans for students with health concerns who require accommodations in the school setting.

Based on the results of AIMSweb benchmark assessments, teacher recommendations, and parent concerns, we refer children at risk to Student Services to receive interventions and accommodations. We provide interventions to students who require extra support with reading as well as enrichment for those students who need additional challenge. These students receive instruction based upon their instructional needs.

For more information on our Special Services program, please contact Sue Barkhausen at 847-283-9800

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