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Primary Grades (1-3)

Grades one through three have three certified teachers and share two trained teacher assistants.

St. Mary's Primary Grades St. Mary's Primary Grades

The School of St. Mary is recognized for its ability to help students become caring, successful members and leaders of the community.

Faculty and administration at the School of St. Mary have designed a curriculum based upon, but not limited to, state standards. Students benefit from a challenging curriculum in religion, mathematics, science, social studies, English, grammar, writing, literature, handwriting, Spanish, physical education, art appreciation, music theory and performance, as well as library.

Our students learn and are encouraged to develop their God given gifts to their fullest potential. We offer a spiritual, mearningful environment with emphasis on religious formation and faith development. This provides students with the moral compass that will serve them in all future experiences.

All of our students also participate in character education. It is based upon Catholic virtues as well as social and emotional learning through the well-respected and engaging Second Step program. This curriculum features grade appropriate group discussions, role play, activities, and personal reflections. It naturally connects to and reinforces our religious teachings. To learn more, click the Second Step button to the right. St. Mary's Primary Grades Second Step

Please contact Kathleen Trkla in the Admissions Office at 847-295-4830 to learn more about our Primary Grade Center.


Transportation Between Campuses

For families with siblings at both the Primary Grade Center and the Upper Grade Center, students may transfer between the campuses on a shuttle bus.