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Virtus Training

Per Archdiocesan policy, all volunteers, coaches, and chaperones must complete Virtus training. The following forms, documents, and training must be completed prior to your volunteer or professional engagement within the School of St. Mary.

Parents, Volunteers, Coaches, and Chaperones need to complete Steps 1-5 below. Additionally, any coach must complete step 6.

1. (7703 Form) Application for Volunteer Service

2. Background Check e-app

          2a. Instructions for Completion of Online Background Check

3. CANTS form. This will authorize DCFS to conduct a search of the Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System (CANTS).

4. Archdiocese's VIRTUS Child Protection Program, go to Registration for Virtus Training.  View the list of available training sessions.  Select your organization (ex: School of St. Mary).  Scroll to find Chicago, IL, Archdiocese.  Select.  After finding the session you want, click Start Registration. After completing the session, email, mail or bring a copy of your certificate to Amy Giannelli at: 

Parish and School Business Office

201 East Illinois

Lake Forest, IL  60045

Telephone:  (847) 234-0205

Fax (847) 234-9860

5. Complete the Code of Conduct form.

With the exception of the Virtus certificate, completed forms should be returned to the PGC or UGC office.

6. Additionally, any coach must complete Registration for Mandated Reporter Training (required for coaches only).

If you would like to save a copy of this information, please download Volunteer Requirements.

Parents, volunteers, coaches, and chaperones who have not completed all of the required steps as indicated are not eligible to work with students in either before, during, or after school activities.