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Dear Fellow SOSM Moms,                                                                                     

We are excited to introduce something new for the 2016-2017 year: the School of St. Mary Mothers’ Club. We have created this social and educational group to be the community-building arm of the Parents’ Association. Our goal is to bring together school moms at both the grade level and the school level to answer questions, make friends, and learn more about the issues affecting our children and how to deal with them.

Mothers’ Club will organize several more events throughout the school year - from moms’ nights out to lunches and dinners featuring speakers addressing topics relevant to raising our children.

Below you will see a list of grade-level ambassadors. These ambassadors have volunteered to be a resource for other parents in their grade. Whether welcoming new parents or answering questions for veteran parents, these women are great resources and will keep you updated about Mothers’ Club events.

We look forward to building this new organization with you! Together we’ll make the most of one of our best assets: our community of moms.

Please consider formally registering for the Mothers’ Club by filling out the form below, or email us at any time.

Lauren Peters ( and Christine Farrell (

Mothers’ Club Co-Chairs



Pre-School: Colleen Clark and Kim Egan

Kindergarten: Meghann Clark and Kelly Ray

First Grade: Kristy Busam and Sarah Helfrich

Second Grade: Katie Skinner and Kate Jackson

Third Grade: Jill Borega and Julie Carter

Fourth Grade: Kristi Nevin and Colleen Vedra

Fifth Grade: Cheryl Camardo and Eileen Peters

Sixth Grade: Maria Cronin and Dana Geldermann

Seventh Grade: Mimma Meucci and Lisa Potash

Eighth Grade: Sara Graham and Sarah Specketer

2016-2017 Mothers’ Club Registration


Email Address:

Cell Phone Number:

Please share  whether you work outside the home, are involved with any organizations or boards, or have any special interests that you would like the school community to address:

Please return this form to the School of St. Mary/ Attention: Mothers’ Club, 185 East Illinois Road, Lake Forest IL 60045.


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