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Religious Education 


Prayer and Liturgy

The regular celebration of the Eucharist, paraliturgies, and prayer services are integral aspects of the spiritual development of both the students and the entire Catholic education community of the School of St. Mary. Students participate in both the preparation and celebration of these liturgies. The school also encourages parents and families to share in these celebrations.

This school year's virtues are:


Sacramental Program

Under the leadership of the pastor and the Director of Religious Education, School of St. Mary students participate in the rich sacramental life of the parish. Second graders celebrate First Reconciliation as well the First Eucharist. Students in eighth grade receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The school considers parental involvement essential in the faith formation of students. Our pastor plans and conducts meetings with parents related to the relevant sacrament.

Holy Childhood Association

Holy Childhood Association - Adults

Holy Childhood Association - Children

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